Speech of the founder of the Iraqi Economic Center and Chairman of the Board

One of the most important elements of the prosperity of nations and people is the building of a developed society capable of advancing in the various scientific, economic, social and political fields. Therefore, it is necessary to find an economic organization that seeks to provide a real vision through which the best strategic plans and economic studies based on scientific and international   to build a modern and developed capable of keeping of the global economy through a distinguished and progressive institutional system that achieves the developmental and economic goals and aspirations of the country according to international quality standards and modern technologies.


The Iraqi Economic Center established in the United States of America (Washington) in 2018, to support the economic growth at the international level, starting from the land of civilization and the Arabism of the historic country of Mesopotamia (Iraq).

The center enjoys financial and administrative independence. It deals with various economic studies and development research, issues related to Iraq and the regional and international environment. Based on international charters and principles, according to an advanced work system that is implemented in all institutions.

The Iraqi Economic Center includes a specialized cadre of experts and consultants in the field of (economics, management, banks), as well as a selection of consultants specialized in the implementation of various engineering and construction works in order to achieve the goals of the center, which is to build an economic hierarchical system for all institutions.

In this context, the center's cadres have made successful and distinguished steps through collective work teams that work to achieve the desired goal.


Our center seeks to activate the role of commercial mediation and provide the appropriate atmosphere to encourage investment by encouraging institutions and companies to obtain companies with foreign investment companies through a culture of negotiation and overcoming conflicts. Achieving communication and understanding for the success of societal peace and avoiding complications, assistance in registration and obtaining the necessary licenses and land from official institutions to implement the project and other related services